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The sunflower is one of the most popular flower types. When you get a glimpse of these big, yellow flowers, they’re sure to cheer you up, no matter how bad of a day you’re having. It’s no wonder why they’re one of the most favorite blooms of people!
While it’s nice to see a big bouquet of them in a vase at home, perhaps you want to go bigger. What’s better than seeing a whole field of them growing in nature? It’ll be a fantastic trip out too!
Are you thinking of looking up “sunflower field near me”? Then you’re at the right article! Here are the best places to see sunflowers in Ontario, which is one of the top cities to see these flowers bloom.
Recent Visit to Georgian Roots Flower Farm:




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Visit the farm stand or flower field this fall, to do so, buy and book your time on their website, 
Rounds Ranch
Rounds Ranch is a beautiful place where you can see all the sunflowers to your heart’s content. Not only that, but you can always get on a wagon ride out to the field if you’d like to kick back and relax. This leaves you free to snap all the photos you want, whether that’s a selfie, group picture, or just amazing landscape photos of the field.
One of the best things about Rounds Ranch is you can pick your own sunflowers, which not many other fields offer. Not only that, but it’s completely free too! This means you, your little ones, and friends can all bring a living souvenir back home after your visit to the ranch.
While you’re there, make sure you partake in other ranch activities too; they have over 20 of them. For example, they have a few mazes (corn, mist, and moo), pedal carts, pony rides, petting zoo, Western play fort, duck races, obstacle courses, buckin’ bronco, and more! It’s hours of family fun, for sure!
Rounds Ranch 2022 Summer Fun KICK OFF June 30, July 1 – 2
Rounds Ranch plans to open for the 2021 season on Jun 25 and 26 with all kinds of new activities and specials. Start your summer off on the right foot and join them for the Rounds Ranch Kick Off. Test out 6 NEW activities. Experience the thrill of going down our 500? Slip’n’Slide (ride all day for only $7.99 with paid admission) PLUS 20 other activities to keep everyone entertained for hours. Prize giveaways every hour. 25% off merchandise in the General Mercantile.
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Rounds Ranch Sunflower Experience July 29 – September 5, 2022

Enjoy a safe, outdoor farm experience and disconnect from your phones and connect with each other while savouring the beauty of stunning sunflowers and gorgeous cut flowers.

Your Sunflower Experience includes:

A scenic wagon ride to the back of the Ranch
Meander through 7 acres of 44 different varieties of sunflowers plus one acre of beautiful cut flowers and experience peace and tranquility in the quietness of a large field
Take loads of pictures to capture memories of your day.  Unique props throughout the field provide amazing photo backdrops
Pick your favourite sunflower to take home.  Snippers, bags and water are provided in the field tent.
Purchase a decorative bucket and fill it to the brim of sunflowers and cut flowers
Enjoy 25+ activities in Ranchland (included in your admissions price).  Click here to see all the fun activities
Experience the thrill of going down the 500? Slip’n’Slide (additional fee)
Ride a horse or pony (additional fee).  Book your ride at the gate.

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The Sunflower Farm
With a name like this, how could you not go and take a look?
This farm is located in Durham Region and spans 10 acres. They boast of being the first and largest sunflower farm in the entire area.
Not only can you walk in the field, but you can also take a tractor ride through it if you’re tired, are bringing small children and/or those who are disabled, or just want to rest your feet.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick the sunflowers here. The farm harvests their flowers in the fall for the sunflower seeds. If you do want farm-grown sunflowers, you can buy some at the entrance.
The Sunflower Farm has been open since July 23rd and is open every day of the week, except for Wednesdays. Before you travel to the farm, you should first call to confirm that they’re open so you don’t have an unexpected surprise when you arrive.
Pingle’s Farm Market
This is another sunflower field you’ll find in Durham Region. If you’re anywhere near Oshawa, you’ll have easy access to this field, as it’s just 5 minutes away.
Here, you’ll get to see tall sunflowers of the classic variety; this is the first year this market’s planted these flowers. Considering they grow to be 5 feet tall, they might be taller than most of your kids!
In addition, Pingle’s Farm Market has other varieties of sunflowers so you can get a good look at how awesome Mother Nature is. Also, your ticket includes a wagon ride in the flower field and one stem or live-cut sunflower. You can also pay extra to pick more stems or sunflowers.
Other family activities include a huge corn maze, drive-in movies, u-picks, and lots of delicious homemade foods to eat and/or bring home. 
Pingle’s Farm Market is only open to visitors for 2 weekends in August: 14-16 and 21-23. They’re also doing a photographers only event from the 17th to the 19th and a sunset event on the 21st.
Andrew’s Farm Market
At Andrew’s Farm Market, you’ll take in 165 acres of beautiful farmland. Here, they plant things like dahlias, apples, berries, currants, and sweet corn.
What’s great is you can pick your own to bring home. You can also take wagon rides and go on walking trails to explore everything this farm market has to offer. Other things they offer are an animal corral, playground, and straw mountain climb for your little ones.
And of course, the attraction you’re most interested in is probably their sunflower field. The Sunflower Kingdom is actually open later than the other places on here; their sunflower fields aren’t open until September or later. So if you’ve missed out on sunflowers in August, not to worry, as you can head over to Andrew’s Farm Market.
When you’re hungry, you can get some BBQ and ice cream at the farm. You can also pick up some pie from the Farm Store.
The “Best Sunflower Field Near Me” Isn’t Far Away
Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve probably realized that the “best sunflower field near me” isn’t far away at all! Ontario has plenty of sunflower fields as well as other attractions, so your time will be well spent in this city.
Whether you’re coming alone or bringing a significant other and/or kids, you’re definitely going to have a blast in this city’s sunflower fields.
So get to planning your outing now with our great tips! Most sunflower fields close at the end of August, so make sure you don’t miss out.
Are you looking for other things to do in Ontario? Then take a look at our events and attractions page now!
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